Green Sofa Options From Sofa So Good

When you buy from Sofa So Good, it’s all about finding the perfect seating and/or sofa bed for your home. As part of our commitment to provide a vast number of options, you may be interested in going green.

Most of the lines we stock and custom order are available with a varying degree of green options, starting with the filling in your seat cushions.

Bio-Foam Filling

Oils from the soybean are used to create an environmentally friendly bio-polyol alternative to crude oil-based petro-polyol. The bio-polyol is blended to reduce the use of petro-polyol by 30%. Creating bio-polyols reduces total energy demand by 23% and non-renewable energy demand by 61% when compared to petro-polyol. This results in a total of 36% reduction in harmful emissions. Through photosynthesis, the total carbon emissions are completely offset by the soybean crops resulting in a carbon footprint of zero.

  • All foam is free of chlorofluorocarbon, which depletes the ozone layer
  • All foam is free of polybrominated diphenyl, a fire retardant which has been linked to cancer
  • Blowing agents used in making foam are free of Methylene Chloride

Wood Framing

FSC wood is wood harvested in forests approved by the Forest Stewardship Council, a not-for-profit organization established to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests.

When upgrading to bio-foam for seat cushions and FSC wood framing, the investment is incremental:

Sofa/Studio Sofa/Sofa Bed Cushions $130
Loveseat/Chaise/Bumper $90
Chair/Half Chair $50
Ottoman $25


Sofa So Good is committed to offering an extensive line of environmentally friendly fabric choices. These fabrics are recycled polyesters from post-consumer and/or post-industrial products.

Come into Sofa So Good to see our selection of environmentally friendly fabrics. Our sofa and sofa bed experts will assist you with finding the right colour and style of fabric and furniture for your home.

Stay Local

90% of the upholstery selection in our store is manufactured right here in the Greater Vancouver area. This, in itself, reduces the amount of fuel required to deliver your new furniture to you and definitely supports going green.