Two Solutions To Living Space Issues

When you come home from a long day, do you ever look at your home and think it looks a little cluttered? You are not alone. Many people have buyers remorse pertaining to home decor, thus leaving themselves with the “cluttered-home” mess. Here are two easy solutions to create space in your home.

First you have to create some room. Start by looking at the items in your home, living room etc. Items that actually provide use and those that don’t. Once you’ve found those that don’t get rid of them.

             – That huge vase that takes up space in a huge corner.
– The old area rug that is too small and not useful.
– A handed down book case that is too heavy to move.
– That vintage lamp that is too dark and short for the end table.

#1 Solution:

In our homes, big or small, getting rid of these types of examples can help free up space for things that we actually need, which is usually more seating and more storage. A great example of something that can give you both is multi-functional furniture like storage ottomans, sofa beds and end tables with drawers. A ottoman is a perfect solution to add seating, provide surface space and can tuck away easily beside a wall or at the end of a bed It’s also great for storage of kid’s toys, blankets or books.

#2 Solution:

Many people don’t consider is lighting when they are looking at space. Updating lighting in your living room can be a great way to add light and clarity to your home.

There is a huge difference in space and light reach between a tall lamp compared to a shorter end table lamp height. It can be a huge advantage to space to try out a taller lamp that fits better in a corner for extra light than an end table with a shorter lamp.

These are just two tips to open up your space and give you ore room for useful items. Finding more space is a common issue for most. From home to condo’s to apartments there are always ways to create new and simple
living spaces. Find a sofa that meets your living space needs.