Picking the Right Colour & Fabric

Now that you’ve sorted out the size, let’s work on colour. If you’re working with previous furniture like coffee tables, end tables, area rugs or even decorative pillows we can work with your existing colours and fabrics. The best way to make sure your colours will match is to snap some photos of your existing furniture and bring them in store. We’ll match and test out based on whatever you bring in.

If you are working with a brand new room and are getting ready to paint, bring paint chips, carpet samples, magazine tears or even your iPad with your Pinterest dream room and we’ll dive in with you.

Once we have the photos of the space, existing or dream colours, we can look at options for fabric colours and prints. We’ll help you choose which size sofa that would work best for your space along with fabric and choice covering.

We’ve given you some steps too now take away and apply to your home. From apartment/condo smaller living areas to a larger home, sorting out space, colour and fabric first is the best way to choose the sofa you’re going to love.

A great quote to remember:

               “Buy only what you love. The things you yearn for, that were a stretch to buy, that you saved for,
become a lasting part of your story” – Alessandra Branca