The Best Sofa For Condo Living

Finding the best sofa for apartment or condo living means  more than finding the right colour or fabric. Browsing our showroom for the perfect comfy seating or sophisticated modern sofa is great, but there are a few things we’d like to help you keep in mind.

First up, what size will fit onto my condo? How to figure this out is simple, grab a measuring tape and start with the length of the wall your studio size sofa will be against. From there, hold the measuring tape out to check depth of space. Then, measure the opening of doorways and width of hallways. Those measurements will help you decide what sofa size to choose.

While you are jotting down notes and numbers for your space also keep in mind your existing furniture. Take pictures of surrounding colours or pieces, paintings, lamps, curtains or area rugs. It’s great for keeping your memory fresh and for working in existing components to build off of. Once you are in our store you can then check to see if colours match and if a certain fabric works.

Now that you are in-store browsing sofas, lets talk versatility. Figure approximately how long you will be in this particular condo and what it might be used for, aside from everyday or entertaining. If you regularly have guests visiting, consider a pullout sofa or a deeper sofa that could turn into a single bed. If it’s a short term rental condo, picture the option of using this sofa in a larger family home for the future as well.

Logically, we gravitate to the colour of fabric on a sofa. That is what draws your attention first. When given a smaller living space, it’s a good idea to keep the colour neutral and simple. Heavy colours or dark leather can make a small room look even smaller then it needs to be.

Condo or apartment sofas are designed to be useful and fit well in a smaller room. A narrower arm makes a huge difference in the area they take up. There are so many options to choose from, that it becomes more about fabric and colour than size.

Extra Tips: Once you’ve narrowed down your search, think about what your floor treatment will look like. If it’s hard wood, you may want to add an area carpet to finish the new sofa and define the floor space. Ideally you should plan your rug and sofa purchase simultaneously.

The key components are now here for you to build off of. Measure your living space and the area you are willing to give up to fit the perfect sofa. Keep in mind visitor space, your existing decor and colours you are interested in building off of. If you start with this list, choosing your new sofa in the store will be a breeze.