Is your sofa tired? Too soft? Dated or worn? Are you wondering if you should buy a new one, or reupholster what you have?

Some people think that reupholstering their furniture will save them money. Unfortunately, that is not the case. You have to really love your sofa or it has to have sentimental value because it could end up costing the same or more than buying new.

Depending on the size of the sofa, the cost of fabric will range from $900 – $1800 and up and labour will range from $850 – $1050 and up.

If you would like an estimate, please send us pictures of the front / back / side along with the measurements (L x D x H) of the piece(s) you are considering reupholstering.

Please send photos and measurements to  Once we hear back from the shop, we will reply to you within a few days with an estimate for fabric and labour.

We have over 5,000 fabric samples to choose from, ranging from $75 – $180 per yard. All cut yardage is non returnable and must be paid for when placing the order.

Once the fabric comes in, the upholsterer will pick up the fabric and then contact you to discuss details of the work required. You will pay the upholsterer directly for their work (cash, cheque or debit).

What’s not included in estimate

  • New cushion inserts
  • Any repairs to springs/webbing or Frame structure.
  • Transport to and from the shop
  • GST and PST

Approximately 4 weeks to get the fabric and 4-6 months to get the job done.