How to choose the upholstery for your sofa

Picking the covering for your sofa starts with considering your lifestyle. It’s a hard decision for some to choose between the look of fine leather, giving a distinguished worn in look over time to the warmth and versatility of fabric sofas. There are a few ways to figure out what will work best for  you, and it depends on a few variants such as space, overall versatility and mood of your living space, frequency of use and who will
be using it.

To pick the sofa that suits your space best you have to consider how much space you really have. In a family size home often two rooms house the most upholstered furniture, the living room and family room. The living room may be the space where you entertain guests, so keeping the seating are slightly more formal is a consideration. Fabric is great for this option because you can play up the sofa with decorative pillows and build the room off the sofas. Fabric sofas can sometimes be a starting point for the room just as much as colour of wall paint and flooring.

When we look at family rooms, they are for relaxing and enjoying time with your loved ones, so a soft comfortable sofa is a definite must. It can be either a soft fabric that is easy to clean, (great for families with kids) such as a new generation microfiber or small patterns or weaves which are very forgiving. Also there are many linen looks that are bulletproof.

In an apartment or condo, you’re looking at living room only space with multifunctional needs. Fabric is usually best for this as when space is limited. Leather can sometimes be too large of a presence.

Fabric sofas work better for a variety of spaces because they don’t weigh the room down. The colours are almost limitless, from matte simplicity to classic patterns, and you can update or change a room by changing surrounding items like pillows, lamps and floor carpets.

Leather can add a more rustic mood, an old world look, or be sleek and contemporary. With fabric you have more choice with colour to create a style, modern, country, sleek,,  mid century classic, traditional or transitional.

Making the decision between fabric and leather might not be as tough as you think with the vast array of fabric and
leather options we provide.

Leather or vinyl are great applications for those with children and pets.