Delivery & Pick Ups

In the excitement of purchasing a new custom sofa, it is important to know that the pieces you  have chosen will actually fit into your home
or office. Many people measure the alotted space for the couch but not
the entrance door, hallway or elevator that stands between the new item
and its final resting place. A low ceiling, narrow hallway or a staircase
with an angle can pose problems when sofas are being delivered. We
can provide you with all of the necessary measurements so you can
check on your own.

But sometimes, there is uncertainty. This is why we offer yet another exclusive service we like to call “WIFI”, also known as “Will it fit in”?
Once you have placed your order, we will come to your home/office and do a “WIFI” inspection, measuring all significant areas and obstacles.
If the items you have chosen turn out to be “WNFI”(will not fit in), we
will cancel your order and refund your deposit. This service is available
in the Lower mainland area only.

Depending on the manufacturer of your custom sofa it will take anywhere from 4-10 weeks to be produced. a more precise delivery time can be quoted at purchase, when frame and fabric are selected.

If you would like Sofa So Good to arrange delivery for you:
Special orders – when your order comes in, we will call you to arrange a date and time for delivery.
(2) In store/stock purchases – we will call you the following day to arrange a date and time.
(3) If you need us to store your order temporarily, call us when you are ready to receive your purchase, remembering
we need 48 hours notice to arrange a delivery.
(4) Reminder – All delivery charges are paid directly to the driver by cash or cheque at time of delivery.

If you would like to pick up your order:
Any item that can be transported in a small car can be brought from our warehouse to the store for pick up.
These items may be pillows, area rugs (6×9 or smaller), lamps,, mirrors, paintings, parts, cushion inserts, bar stools
and some small ottomans.

All other items must be picked up from our warehouse which is located near Cambie and SW Marine Dr. in Vancouver. This location is always closed Tuesday and saturday afternoons and all day Sunday and Monday.

(1) Appointment – As our warehouse is not open all day every day we ask that you please book an appointment
at least 3 days in advance if possible. The more notice you give us, the more choice you will have for pick up days and times.

Appointments can be made for:
Tuesday 10 – 12
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 10 – 5
Saturday 10 – 12 (one hour bookings)

We require you to advise us of a one hour window when you want to come. Note that the day/time you want maybe previously booked by another appointment so maybe have an alternate day/time.

When you call Rayna or Paul at 604-874-7328 to book, they will set up a one hour window of time for you to go and pick up. You may email: if this is preferred.

(2) Allow enough time to properly inspect the items. We will unwrap/rewrap while you are there so you can make sure all is fine before you leave. We will ask you to sign an inspection report and we will take photos of all sides of the furniture. Once you have left the warehouse any and all damage that occurs to your items will be your responsibility.

(3) Please make sure you bring someone with you to help load your purchase.

(4) All items are usually wrapped in plastic or in cartons but are not waterproof. If the items you are picking up are going to exposed to any bad weather, please bring covers/tarps and rope to protect and secure your new furniture.


(A) Chairs will not fit in car doors.

(B) Sofa Beds are VERY HEAVY!.

(C) Headboards do not fit in cars or SUV’S. A truck or van is required.

(D) If you think your items may not fit in your vehicle of choice,, please borrow or rent a van or truck or opt to have your purchased delivered.

(E) Do not use utility knives or box cutters to open your items. Please carefully use scissors to avoid damage to your purchase.

(F) If you decide to have your order delivered, we highly recommend that you use our delivery service. It is not worth it to save a few dollars and find someone off of Craigslist. Our delivery service is a small local company and they provide you with two men to do the delivery. They are careful, friendly and professional. They will take away with them all the wrapping that comes with your purchase. We have been using them for over 10 years and always get compliments on their work.