Off Gassing

Off gassing from items newly made is a common occurrence.
Cars, clothing, electronics and most furniture all have an odour when newly
opened/unwrapped or installed.

Sofa’s are no exception. The foam in the seat cushions, the fill in the back cushions, the
wood in the frame and the fabric used all contribute to off gassing. You may notice this once
your sofa arrives in  your home.

Every sofa is different as the components can vary from one to the next. Unfortunately there
is no way to tell in advance how intense the odour will be, or how sensitive ones reaction will be.

The good news is that this”New Smell” will go away. How long that takes will depend on how much fresh
air can be introduced to the home. Opening windows and/or doors to the outside will dramatically improve
the situation. You can also stand the seat cushions and back cushions so their zippers face up and open up
the zippers. If you have a portable fan to create air flow over the sofa, the odour will dissipate more quickly.

If we know in advance that you or anyone in the household are overly sensitive to new smells, we can air out
your new sofa in our warehouse so the off gassing is greatly reduced.