Select artwork for your walls that complements the other colours in your space. Art can also introduce an additional accent colour but it should fit into the overall colour scheme. Look for common hues in your other furniture and décor to guide your selections. 

Hanging art too high is one of the most common decorating mistakes. The centre of the image should be at eye level, because usually people in living rooms are sitting, so your artwork should be lower. A good way to ensure you are placing artwork at the right height is to place one hand width above the back of the sofa and that should be the bottom of your art. 

Another common mistake I see is hanging artwork above a sofa or a sideboard that is not in scale. Having pieces that are too large or too small will not make the arrangement of art look good. If you have a nine-foot sofa, you should have a six-foot expanse of art above it. And if you have more than one piece of art to go above the sofa, save yourself the frustration of hanging and rehanging a grouping of different pieces of art. Simply lay out the pieces on your floor in the arrangement that pleases you. Some people prefer cutting paper the same size and taping them to the wall. Either way will prevent covering your wall with nail holes.

There are also cardinal rules for arranging accessories. The first is to display items in odd numbers as it is more pleasing to the eye. Then always find balance by harmonising objects of different shapes and sizes with an asymmetrical arrangement which creates visual interest. Also balance a tall, large object with several smaller ones. Accessories can be something as simple as coffee table books which are classic living room items. Candlelight has a primitive appeal that adds instant ambiance to the living room, whether it’s tapers on a sideboard, scented candles in coloured glass containers, or votives or pillars. Textured throw pillows add visual interest and add comfort. Think about adding various patterns and shapes to add interest. A colourful throw is an accessory that you can add in small, powerful colours to your space.

Missy Kennedy

Interior Design Expert

Missy brings decades of creative design solutions to our clients.  With her background in design, she shares her extensive retail experience with the customers of Sofa So Good.  Whether helping with the selection of fabric for upholstery needs or space planning with graph paper, Missy will explain how to achieve successful layering techniques, the easy way to create colour schemes, how to approach downsizing, as well as unique ideas for home styling a new space. Missy is available for home calls and in store consultations and looks forward to working with you.