Where is your new sofa going to live? Is this the piece that will be the sectional in the family room for watching movies and sports? Perhaps you will need something a bit more stylish for the living room, where entertaining guests and hosting gatherings take place. Once you have determined where, the right fabric selection will follow. If you have an active family or like to eat and drink on your sofa, we have fabric protection available. Some spills can be wiped away with only water. Every fabric has a cleaning code. The majority of fabrics are 100% polyester, can either be water clean, water and solution clean (if the water doesn’t do the job, use our spot cleaner) and finally, solution clean only.

Space also has an influence on which fabric you choose. If the living area is an open concept, it is a good idea to create zones. This means you have one zone that has a comfortable reading chair and table with a reading lamp. A second zone would be the media area. Another zone could be the creation of a play area. The colour of the fabric in this case should be of the same value. In other words, it isn’t good to mix pastel with jewel tones or muddy with true tones.

The fabric you select for your sofa/sectional/chair sets the tone of the space. Always take into consideration wall colours, tones of wood floors and size of windows.

Leathers create a different type of style. Sleek and contemporary, rustic and country or urban and casual, leather makes a statement. With a range of colours from ink black to vivid red, easy cleaning leather is great for active families.

At Sofa So Good, you can choose from over 5,000 fabrics and hundreds of leathers. Whatever your choice, fabric or leather, we can help you ensure that it can take the wear and tear of your everyday life.

Missy Kennedy

Interior Design Expert

Missy brings decades of creative design solutions to our clients.  With her background in design, she shares her extensive retail experience with the customers of Sofa So Good.  Whether helping with the selection of fabric for upholstery needs or space planning with graph paper, Missy will explain how to achieve successful layering techniques, the easy way to create colour schemes, how to approach downsizing, as well as unique ideas for home styling a new space. Missy is available for home calls and in store consultations and looks forward to working with you.