One of the best things about Sedona is a flexible bumper option that allows you to choose which side of the sofa you want the chaise to be and easily flip it to the other side if you move or want to change its look. Pair that with its clean low profile, rounded slender arms and deep bouncy cushions that you can sink into, and you’ll find yourself sitting easy.

This item is available in hundreds of Superstyle fabrics.

Sofa bed comes with a Gel Foam Mattress.

Made in Canada

Note: Due to the way the mattress is stored within the sofa bed frame, all mattresses will be 4-6 inches higher at the head of the mattress.


Sofa w/Bumper8037/6036$2,950
Queen Sofa Bed w/Bumper
(Mattress 59x70x5)
Queen Sofa Bed
(Mattress 59x70x5)
Double Sofa Bed
(Mattress 53x70x5)

Gel Foam mattress included on Sofa Beds.


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