Dillon Condo Sofa

Cuddle into Dillon and feel right at home. Slender back cushions settle comfortably along the supportive back on top of a medium-deep seat that invites you to curl up on a sofa that looks and feels great. Available in multiple configurations, the chaise is especially appreciated for being the perfect size.

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Made in Canada

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Condo Sofa733637$2,030
Chair 1/2423637$1,780
Ottoman (3001)282437$670
Sofa /w Return883637$2,230
1 Arm Sofa-3 Seats753637$2,080
1 Arm Condo Sofa673637$1,970
1 Arm Loveseat523637$1,940
1 Arm Chair 1/2363637$1,700
1 Arm Chair293637$1,480
Armless Sofa703637$2,030
Armless Condo Sofa623637$1,940
Armless Loveseat473637$1,880
Armless Chair 1/2323637$1,670
Armless Chair243637$1,410
1 Arm Chaise w/Return367137$2,170

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