Most who come into Sofa So Good have no idea what their style is. For those who aren’t sure what they like, I have created a guide to help you define your style. There are at least nine different styles you can create – once you have decided what you like.  I have a list of the items, colours and furniture that will help you learn what is your style.


You have never seen a mirror you don’t love, velvets make you smile, metallics glow with crystals.  You can pull it all together because you are not afraid to sparkle and shine.


Bright colours, layered textures, unique lighting, whimsical art, tribal patterns and ornate embellishments has you letting your hair down and chilling out.


You cannot tolerate clutter. You prefer clean lines, open spaces and functional design.  Less is more in your opinion.  Your home is perfect.


You kept the lamps from your family home.  The mid century modern buffet holds your media, and the contemporary upholstery has created a space that is both traditional and contemporary.


Natural woods, leather instead of fabric, earthy warm colours and more raw wood makes you happy because you love the outdoors and nature.


Shiplap walls, folk art, neutral colours, hardworking furnishings with raw materials and comfy fabrics.  Add a good smattering of wood with iron accents works for you.


Tuxedo sofa, rich woods, luxurious fabrics, soft lines, ornate furnishing elevate your space.  You do like the classy, but comfortable space with the look that never dates itself.


Whites and blues with warm sand tones that are bright and casual.  Soft fabrics in blue tones and whites mixes throughout your space.  Warm lighting, coral accents with airy art.  You love where you live.


Exposed brick and stone, smooth metals and high ceilings will add a chic modern look.  Toss in rich jewel tones on the sofa and chairs and interesting art and you could have yourself a more masculine feel.

Missy Kennedy

Interior Design Expert

Missy brings decades of creative design solutions to our clients.  With her background in design, she shares her extensive retail experience with the customers of Sofa So Good.  Whether helping with the selection of fabric for upholstery needs or space planning with graph paper, Missy will explain how to achieve successful layering techniques, the easy way to create colour schemes, how to approach downsizing, as well as unique ideas for home styling a new space. Missy is available for home calls and in store consultations and looks forward to working with you.