Sofa Bed FAQs

Q/ Are your sofa beds heavy to move?

A/ Yes and no. Some of our sofa beds have a metal mechanism and spring filled mattress and yes, they are heavy. We find if you take the seat and back cushions off then remove the mattress, they become the weight of a
regular sofa and much easier to move.

Q/ Do your sofa beds have that bar that hits you when you sleep on your side?

A/ The two key improvements in our sofa beds now a days is that the bar is recessed and we offer a six inch mattress so the “bar in the hip or back”
sensation is gone.

Q/ Are your sofa beds comfortable to sleep on?

A/ We certainly think so. Comfort is a personal thing. Some like it firm and some like it soft. Sofa So Good has both. They are a lot more comfortable than sofa beds made in the 80″s or 90’s.

Q/ We sit on our sofa bed every day, do you have any sofa beds that are nice to sit on?

A/ The seat cushions on a sofa bed rest on a mechanism stuffed with a folded up mattress and as a result, is much firmer then the usual spring
system in a regular sofa. We have softer foams and down filled seat cushions fills to help your sofa bed sit like a real sofa, (they may sit so well
that your guests won’t know it is a bed so you don’t have to offer it if you
do not want to).

Q/  Ok, it is Wednesday and I just got a call from my friend  and she is coming out on Friday. What do you have in stock?

A/ We always have sofa beds in stock and ready to go. Check with one of our sofa bed experts about our current selection.