Sectional FAQs

Q/ Can you custom size a sectional to fit my space?

A/ Most sectionals come in a variety of components and are typically available “by the seat”. Some sectionals can be custom made to specific
measurements(additional charges apply). The best solution is to bring the
measurements of your space to Sofa So Good and one of our Sofa experts
will help you find the ideal sectional for your home.

Q/ I like the sectionals with the chaise lounge on one end but need it one the other side. Is this possible?

A/ Yes, all of our chaise lounge sectionals are available with the chaise on the other side. Some are available with a “movable chaise” which we call
a bumper. A bumper is a chaise cushion inserted into a sofa with a ottoman base to support it. The bumper can be moved from one side of the sofa to the other side of the sofa making the sectional very versatile,
especially if you plan to move in the few years and don’t know what your
next home will look like.

Q/ Once I place my order, how long will it take to make my custom sectional?

A/ Delivery times usually run between four to eight weeks depending upon the model and fabric availability.

Q/ What is off gassing?

A/ Off gassing from items that are newly made is common occurrence. cars, clothing, electronics, and most furniture all have an odour when
newly opened/unwrapped or installed. Sofa’s are no exception. The foam
in the seat cushions, the fill in the back cushions, the wood in the frame
and the fabric used all contribute to off gassing which you may notice when your new sofa arrives in your home. Every sofa is different as the
components can vary from one to the next. Unfortunately, there is no way
to tell in advance how intense the odour will be, or how sensitive ones reaction will be. The good news is that this “new smell” will go away. How
long that takes will depend on how much fresh air can be introduced to the home. Opening windows and/or doors to the outside will dramatically improve the situation. You can also use a portable fan to create air flow over the sofa, the odour will dissipate more quickly.

Q/ I would love to order the perfect sectional but I can’t sit on the floor for eight weeks! Do you sell  floor models?

A/ Yes, some of our sectionals can be sold off the floor for immediate delivery. We call these our “Sofas To Go”,  Sofa So Good also has free loaner sofas for those who really need them (delivery) is extra for this perk.

Q/ Do you have anything that is made locally?

A/ Yes, most of our sectionals are produced right here in the lower mainland.

Q/ My partner wants a pair of love seats and I want a sectional. I know you guys are the “Sofa Experts” but do offer marriage counselling as well?

A/ No problem. We love helping couples resolve difficult issues around choosing the right furniture for their home. Our “Sofa Experts” will help
by presenting the pros and cons of any possible seating configurations or fabric choice, helping the two of you arrive at a consensus. We all know the benefits of making up. If for some strange reason, you cannot agree,
move out, get your own place and come in and order what you want.