Ottoman FAQs

Q/ How do I make room for a ottoman when my old coffee table gets in the way?

A/ A lot of people are using larger ottomans they purchased from Sofa So Good as their coffee table. Not only can you put your feet up, you also have extra seating when guests come over.

Q/ I like the durability and practicality of leather, but I don’t want leather. What can I order on my ottoman that will stand up to my kids and pets?
A/ We a lot of fabrics that are a polyester or polyester mixed fabric. Most of these fabrics are strong and easy to clean and have the same easy care that microfibers had without all of the nap showing the wear.

Q/ In my 400 square foot condo, everything I put there must do “double duty”, What do you suggest?.

A/ How about quadruple duty? The right storage ottoman can be:
1. A coffee table
2. Extra seating for guests
3. A storage place
4. A place to rest your feet