Chair FAQs

Q/ I have a small condo. Do you have any small chairs?

A/ Yes, we do. Our smallest chair is 25″ wide x 26″ deep. An upholstered dining chair. Actually a lot of people are using them in pairs around small
bistro tables as overflow seating when guests come over.
If these are too small for you or you need something bigger to watch a
movie, we have more then 60 models of chairs, half of which we consider

Q/ I need a chair I can move from room to room. Are any of your chairs available with castors?

A/ Almost all our chairs are available with castors, for a small additional charge.

Q/ With limited space, I need everything to do double duty. Do you have any chairs with sofa beds in them?

A/ We have a couple of chairs that come with a single sofa bed inside, perfect for one overnight visitor.